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Payment Processing

Cornerstone-NY-Big-AppleJon and Melissa are Certified Agents for Cornerstone New York, a regional office of Cornerstone Payment Systems, a Christian owned and operated merchant processing service committed to putting Christ at the cornerstone of our business. As a part of our commitment, we will not process credit card transactions for morally objectionable businesses.

If you have any questions about Cornerstone or how we can save you money, please contact us via email: or by calling Jon 607-654-8022 or Melissa 607-973-2006.

Cornerstone guarantees to provide a lower processing rate for your business or nonprofit. Merchants must submit two recent and complete merchant statements to receive a side-by-side quote for the price reduction.

Cornerstone-Biz Cornerstone Payment Systems was founded with a commitment to separate their merchant processing services from the remainder of the industry. We do this by guaranteeing to never provide merchant services for businesses engaged in the following:

  • Adult-oriented business (both retail and online)
  • Medical professionals who perform abortions
  • Organizations who are opposed to a Pro-Life stand
  • Organizations who do not support biblical marriage

In a marketplace replete with hollow offers and false claims, Cornerstone stands alone. Our commitment to integrity and honor has resulted in a brand that stands for quality and support for our merchant clients. Whether a business is traditional retail, online, home based, nonprofit or ministry focused, Cornerstone will provide a processing solution that is right for them. We have positioned our company to grow with our merchants as they grow.


Here is a short list of common questions and answers about Cornerstone. If you do not see the answer you are looking for, send us a message or give us a call and we will be glad to help.

What is Cornerstone Payment Systems?

Cornerstone Payment Systems is a Christian credit card processing company founded in 2001 with the goal to honor the Lord in all its payment processing services.

What are your credit card processing rates?

Cornerstone does not have set processing rates because our goal is to tailor a solution that will save your organization money no matter what your current rates are.

How do you save my organization money?

Cornerstone provides a free rate analysis of your current credit card processing to show you the savings based on the various card types your business or nonprofit accepts.

How much money can you save us?

Savings vary based on volume and credit card type used during processing. The largest savings Cornerstone has provided a single partner is over $7,000 per month!

Can you explain credit card processing?

Credit card payment processing is what allows a business or nonprofit to accept credit cards transactions by transmitting information and funds between consumers.


Not all credit card processors are created equal!